Zakher Prayer Tent

2019 Ramadan Timings (updated)

During Ramadan we are going to have a prayer time daily from 3.30pm-4.30pm for anyone that would like to call in. Each day will have a slightly different type of prayer time.

Kingdom Teachers


What is our light like?

How welI does our light shine?

For sure, it burns brighter together.

It's hard on our own.

We can feel that we are just struggling along.

But when we get together to pray together, are standing together and working together - we are not alone. We also have Jesus in a special way with us when we pray together.

How can we help each other to burn brighter?

Let's meet together to learn how to burn brighter.

Let's learn ways to share and to be openly people of Jesus in school.

Meeting in the Prayer Tent at the Stewarts' house in Zakher from 7-9pm:

May 24

June 28

Please bring other believers at your schools and elsewhere who you think might want to be disciple-makers in their schools. Let's not waste our chance.


Michael Stewart: 050.438.6334

Karen Stewart: 050.438.7513

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