The Marriage Course

This is the marriage course that is for every married couple.

It's incredible that God uses the marriage relationship in describing the relationship between Jesus and the church. Marriage must be pretty important and unique! Of course, something that's so important deserves some time and emotional investment.

So, please join us for The Marriage Course (TMC)! It's truly for everyone...newlyweds, those struggling a little or a lot, and those who feel they have a good marriage but just want their marriage to be even stronger.

TMC will take place on zoom and will not involve any revealing of secrets except to one another as you choose! It's really a date night! Is your marriage, really your spouse, worth 2 hours each week for 7 weeks? If the answer is yes and the timing is suitable, please watch for the sign-up instructions next week!

It will be held from 8pm-10pm (after the kids are in bed) every Friday evening from September 25th to November 6th.

Please invite all your friends, whether in the church or not. TMC, especially in the zoom format, is a comfortable and safe place even for those who come from a different faith background! We can even offer the videos in Arabic!

All are welcome! For more information, contact Sean and Darla at [email protected] or check out this website:

Please click on the link to complete and register for The Marriage Course.

We will send a zoom link to everyone who registers for the course. This course is absolutely FREE!!