Say hello to the leadership team at Al Ain Evangelical Church

Meet our leadership

Dave Peacock - Senior Pastor

Josh Johnson - Executive Administrator

Helen Taunga - Office Administrator

Odoardo Brito - Student Ministry Director

Sage Gramby - Children's Ministry Director

Bulie Hlongwe - Curriculum Coordinator

Rodney Bailey - Worship Director

Becky Peacock - Worship Coordinator

Steven Pottorff - Production Arts & Media

Steven oversees all facets of media production at AAEC. His passion is to see people discover that abundant life can be found in Jesus. He and his wife Casey are Michigan natives and have been attending AAEC since 2015. He is an avid supporter of Arsenal F.C.

Wayne Dorsey - Ministry Intern

Thomas Givens - Ministry Intern

Thomas is an intern at AAEC. His passion is worship and church structure. Thomas and his lovely wife Chante have two sons and are from Virginia, USA. They have been members of AAEC since 2012. He loves American football coaching theory, and the sport as a whole.