Propehtic Gallery Series

13 Weeks

Plan 1: A Book For You

Revelation is a book we either a) avoid completely b) pick and choose which scriptures to read or c) look to as a book that only relates to the future. What can we get from Revelation and is it even relevant? In Part 1 of 13 devotional plans we see that Revelation is very much a book for TODAY. And more importantly, it is a book for YOU.

Plan 2: Jesus' Letter To You

Letter writing is a form of communication that is lost. So when you receive a personal letter from someone who loves you, it is truly something to treasure. Jesus took the time to “write” personal letters to each of the seven churches. These letters contained unique messages each church needed to hear. In Plan 2 of 13 devotions taking us through Revelations, let’s see how these letters can help us today. 

Plan 3: Looking At The Details

“A picture is worth a thousand words”—in the book of Revelation, that is exactly what we get – an art gallery. Art galleries aren’t much fun if you don’t understand what you’re looking at. But, when you have the artist talking you through each picture, you get a better understanding of what you’re looking at, and a deeper appreciation. In Plan 3 of Revelation, we explore the art in more detail. Invite the Holy Spirit to help you understand.

Plan 4: The Throne Of God

Have you ever thrown a stone into still water and seen the ripples that it makes— each getting bigger as it spreads? That all started because of the one stone. And this is what it is like in heaven—IT ALL STARTS WITH GOD. God wants Heaven filled. In Plan 4 of Revelation, we see just how the ripples in heaven effect earth and how much God desires for Heaven to be filled.

Plan 5: The Power Of Prayer

There is power in prayer. Let me repeat that – THERE IS POWER IN PRAYER. Specifically, the prayers of God’s children. Do you believe God hears your prayers? Do you believe that your prayers carry power? Plan Five of Revelation illustrates how our prayers impact not only our lives personally, but they release the power of God to move in ways that we could not even think or imagine.

Plan 6: Can I Have Your Attention Please?

What do you do when a person whom you love refuses to accept your help? In fact, they get angry at you for trying to help them and reject you. In Plan Six of Revelation, we see God continually trying to get the attention of those whom He loves, but have rejected Him. There is still time for them …but it’s not a lot. Turn now before it’s too late.

Plan 7: Complete Defeat, Complete Victory

In this wing of the gallery, we are introduced to the first of three women. This woman is a representation of Israel. As we journey through Plan 7 of Revelation, we see the pictures from the point of view of a Jewish believer. We also see the complete defeat of Satan and the authority we have as God’s children through Christ’s victory.

Plan 8: Victory Through Suffering

God’s heart is to fill heaven and to reach out once more to those rejecting Him to choose Him; to choose life; to choose Jesus. In Plan 8 of Revelation, the enemy has to use people whose hearts are set against God to carry out his work. We know they will never succeed – but they will try. Jesus has already guaranteed us victory – even if for a short time there must be suffering.

Plan 9: The Song of Moses and the Lamb

The world’s depiction of angels is nothing compared to what they REALLY are. In Plan 9 of Revelation, we see the amazing work that angels are tasked with by God and we come to understand that they are magnificent beings that have been assigned to help us. We see that even though we suffer now, we will be singing in the end. Why? Because God has given us victory – and it is a victory that is eternal.

Plan 10: Heaven is Closed

In Plan 10 of Revelation we see the Bowls of Judgment being released and heaven is closed. During this time, we see God’s judgment of sin take the front of stage. This isn’t the final judgment of God – but even going through this section of the art gallery, we get a reverent look at the side of God that most of us forget to adequately acknowledge in our lives – HIS HOLINESS.

Plan 11: Babylon, the Great

In Plan 11 of Revelation, we are introduced to the second woman. She is referred to as the Harlot of Babylon. Outwardly, she represents great things that please the eye – however, inwardly, she represents everything that Satan is. In the end, we see her destruction. And what God uses to bring about her destruction may surprise you.

Plan 12: Here Comes The Bride

Previously, we see God use His angels to carry out His judgments. In Plan 12 of Revelation, we see God Himself dealing with sin, rebellion and Satan COMPLETELY! Books are opened and judgment comes directly from God. As His redeemed children, we don’t need to fear judgment – but we do need to make sure we use our time on earth wisely. And when all things have been judged – GOD will make all things new.

Plan 13: Heaven Unveiled

Many of us have thought about what our heavenly home will be like. In Plan 13 of Revelation, we read the description of heaven and start painting all these wonderful pictures in our minds. But we will never come close to picturing what God our Father has in store for us. So let us take heed of Jesus final message in Revelation and make sure we don’t miss out on what God is preparing for us.