Memory Verses


Memory Schedule for 2020

Memory Verses For 3-6 Year Olds


God Knows Us

Lesson 1 ‘The Baby’: “Sarah and Abraham had baby Issac, just as God had promised.” Genesis 21:2.


Lesson 2 ‘The Bride’: “Isaac married Rebekah and he loved her.” Genesis 24:67.


Lesson 3 ‘The Twins’: “Esau didn’t care about God’s special plans for him.” Genesis 25:35B.


Lesson 4 ‘The Liar’: “Jacob tricked his father and took Esau’s blessing.” Genesis 27:35.


Lesson 5 ‘The Ladder’: “God said,’I am with you wherever you go.’ Genesis 28:15.


Lesson 6 ‘The Worker’: “God blessed Jacob with many flocks and children.” Genesis 30:43.


Lesson 7 ‘The Brothers’: “When Esau saw Jacob, he hugged him and forgave him.” Genesis 33:4.


Lesson 8 ‘The Coat’: “Joseph’s brothers were mean because their father loved Joseph most of all.” Genesis 37:4.


Lesson 9 ‘The Slave’: “The Lord was with Joseph and blessed everything he did.” Genesis 39:3


Lesson 10 ‘The Dream’: “Pharaoh put Joseph in charge of everything.” Genesis 41:40.


Lesson 11 ‘The Reunion’: “Joseph said,’I am your brother.’” Genesis 45:4.


Lesson 12 ‘The Blessing’: “God blessed Jacob’s whole family in Egypt.” Genesis 47:27.

Memory Verses for 7-12 year olds



Lesson 1 Explosion

“But the Holy Spirit will come to you. Then you will receive power. You will be my witnesses—in Jerusalem, in all of Judea, in Samaria, and in every part of the world.” Acts 1:8.

Lesson 2 Abandoned

“After he said this, as they were watching, he was lifted up. A cloud hid him from their sight.” Acts 1:9.

Lesson 3 Energized

“But the Helper will teach you everything. He will cause you to remember all the things I told you. This Helper is the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name.” John 14:26.

Lesson 4 Happy Birthday

“They spent their time learning the apostles’ teaching. And they continued to share, to break bread,[a] and to pray together. Acts 2:42.

Lesson 5 Walk!

“It was the power of Jesus that made this crippled man well. This happened because we trusted in the power of Jesus. You can see this man, and you know him. He was made completely well because of trust in Jesus. You all saw it happen!.” Acts 3:16

Lesson 6 Great Boldness

Review all 5 previous memory verses and have a go reciting all of them.

Lesson 7 Great Fear

The apostles did not stop teaching people. Every day in the Temple and in people’s homes they continued to tell the Good News—that Jesus is the Christ.” Acts 5:42.

Lesson 8 Who Care?

“The word of God was reaching more and more people. The group of followers in Jerusalem became larger and larger. A great number of the Jewish priests believed and obeyed.” Acts 6:7

Lesson 9 Rocked To Sleep

“I am not ashamed of the Good News. It is the power God uses to save everyone who believes—to save the Jews first, and then to save the non-Jews.” Romans 1:16

Lesson 10 Persecution

“And everywhere the believers were scattered, they told people the Good News.” Acts 8:4

Lesson 11 Into Africa

But people will never ask Christ to help them if they have not believed in him.And they will never believe in him if they have not heard about him unless somebody tells God’s message to them.

Romans 10:14.

Lesson 12 Surprise Ending

“Saul has seen a vision. In it a man named Ananias comes to him and lays his hands on him. Then he sees again.” Acts 9:12