Memory Verses


Memory Schedule for 2020

Memory Verses For 3-6 Year Olds


Lesson 1 The Basket: “Moses became the princess’ son.” Exodus 2:10.

Lesson 2 The Burning Bush: “God sent Moses to free his people.” Exodus 3:10.

Lesson 3 The Plagues: “Pharaoh would not let God’s people go.” Exodus 10:27. 

Lesson 4 The Passover: “Pharaoh said,’Go! Leave Egypt.’” Exodus 12:31. 

Lesson 5 The Red Sea: “God’s people went through the Red Sea on dry ground.” Exodus 14:29. 

Lesson 6 The Manna: “The Lord sent manna from heaven.” Exodus 16. 

Lesson 7 The Hands: “Aaron and Hur held Moses’ hand up.” Exodus 17:12. 

Lesson 8 The Ten Commandments: “God spoke to Moses on the mountaintop.” Exodus 19:20. 

Lesson 9 The Golden Calf: “God’s people sinned by making an idol.” Exodus 32:8.

Lesson 10 The Tent: “All God’s people brought gifts to help build God’s special tent.” Exodus 35:22. 

Lesson 11 The Cloud: “The cloud showed the people when to stay and when to go.” Numbers 9:17. 

Lesson 12 The Spies: “Don’t be afraid-the Lord is with us.” Numbers 14:9. 

Memory Verses for 7-12 year olds

Powerful Messengers


Lesson 1 Special Gifts: “Each of you received a spiritual gift. God has shown you his grace in giving you different gifts. And you are like servants who are responsible for using God’s gifts. So be good servants and use your gifts to serve each other.” 1 Peter 4:10.

Lesson 2 Double Vision: “Peter began to speak: “I really understand now that to God every person is the same.” Acts 10:34.

Lesson 3 Gentiles For Jesus: “God accepts anyone who worships him and does what is right. It is not important what country a person comes from.” Acts 10:34.

Lesson 4 Changes: “When he found Saul, he brought him to Antioch. And for a whole year Saul and Barnabas met with the church. They taught many people there. In Antioch the followers were called Christians for the first time.” Acts 11:26.


Lesson 5 Mission Impossible: “The good man is saved from trouble, It comes to the wicked instead.” Proverbs 11:8.



Lesson 7 Jealous or Joyous: “When the non-Jewish people heard Paul say this, they were happy. They gave honor to the message of the Lord. And many of the people believed the message. They were the ones chosen to have life forever.” Acts 13:48.

Lesson 8 Unstoppable: “When they arrived in Antioch, they gathered the church together. Paul and Barnabas told them all about what God had done with them. They told how God had made it possible for the non-Jews to believe!” Acts 14:27.

Lesson 9 Welcome: “We have freedom now because Christ made us free. So stand strong. Do not change and go back into the slavery of the law.” Galatians 5:1.

Lesson 10 Branching Out: “A person may think up plans. But the Lord decides what he will do.” Proverbs 16:9.

Lesson 11 Earthquake: “God gave you the honor both of believing in Christ and suffering for Christ. Both these things bring glory to Christ.” Philippians 1:29.

Lesson 12 An Unknown God: REVIEW ALL MEMORY VERSES.