Jesus Revealed

Plan 1: Jesus - God manifested

Plan Description: We are all born of a woman—an unchanging fact. We are the manifestation of both parents, and as we grow, we see both physical and characteristic similarities. Jesus, although born of a woman, was not the manifestation of Mary and Joseph – but of God Himself. In Plan 1 of 19, John shows us how Jesus isn’t just the Son of God – but God Himself.

Plan 2: When Jesus Calls

Plan Description: We all have those people that we “know of”. We can’t claim to know them on a personal level, but we have enough information to know who they are. In Plan 2 of 19, we hear John the Baptist’s testimony of Jesus. He didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus but when Jesus was revealed to him, he went from “knowing of” Jesus to being known! Do you know Jesus? More importantly, are you known by Him?

Plan 3: Jesus - Real life begins with Him

Plan Description: It’s often said that many people are looking for love in all the wrong places. Many people are looking for life in all the wrong places, going from one thing to another hoping that the void they have in their hearts will be filled. In Plan 3 of 19 we discover only Jesus can release true life and how we too can partake in releasing it to others.

Plan 4: Our testimony - His life

Plan description: We all have areas in our lives that we try to hide – we hide them from others, from God and to some extent, even from ourselves. But in one way or another, something happens that exposes these areas and we are left with a choice. In Plan 4 of 19 we see how Jesus works with us to expose areas in our lives so that our testimonies will bring people to Him.

Plan 5: Reflecting the glory of God

Plan Description: We have never seen our own face. We only see our reflection or a picture image of ourselves. The mirror is used to reflect our face back to us. If the mirror is clean, we get a clean image and can see if things need to be cleaned up. If the mirror is stained, the reflection is tainted. In Plan 5 we see how we are called to reflect God’s Glory. When people see me, do they see an accurate reflection of Jesus?

Plan 6: Jesus satisfies like no other

Plan Description: Have you heard the term “hangry”? It's when one is so hungry they let their emotions take over their responses. As soon as they've eaten, they return to normal. In Plan 6, we see some hungry people. Not only are they hungry physically, but Jesus sees their need is spiritual. Their hunger revealed their heart position more than anything else. What does your hunger reveal about you?

Plan 7: The unexpected

Plan Description: We all have expectations. Whether it has to do with people, with events – with how life should be. And most of the time, what unfolds isn’t exactly how we expected. What do you do when these things happen? In Plan 7 we are challenged by Jesus – who purposely goes against what is expected of Him by man in order to keep in step with God.

Plan 8: What do you see?

Plan Description: There are different types of “seeing”. There is physical sight where we look at things and identify them; there is the “seeing” where we walk into a chaotic situation and someone says, “Do you see what’s going on here?” And from what we see we describe the scene as “chaos”. There is another level of “seeing” and Part 8 touches on this type – spiritual sight. What do you see?

Plan 9: Exposed!

Plan Description: When things are exposed – they are no longer hidden. People see it and they talk. Rather than dealing with the result of being exposed, we try so hard to hide – making excuses for these areas when they become visible. In Plan 9, Jesus exposes! He exposes our minds and hearts of people. Are there areas in my life that need the Light of Jesus?

Plan 10: I am!

Plan Description: A person’s name is his or her first identifier. Have you noticed that a person, more often than not, takes on the characteristics of their name? We see this a lot in the Bible – but have you looked at your own name and its meaning? Plan 10 is the significance of Jesus calling Himself “I AM”. Do we take comfort in knowing Jesus is WHO He says He is?

Plan 11: I AM the resurrection and the life

Plan Description: Death awaits everyone – no one is exempt from death coming to them. The difference is in how we each respond to death. Is it something that we fear? Or is it something that we know we have victory over. In Plan 11 we see Jesus has indeed conquered death. He is the RESURRECTION and the LIFE – there is no other way to eternal life but through Jesus.

Plan 12: This is why I came...

Plan Description: We all know that we have a purpose in life. Sometimes it’s clear as day – other times, not so much. Finding our purpose in life is a journey as we all have different ways in which we have been gifted to serve God and others. In Part 12 we see Jesus preparing to carry out one of His main reasons for coming to earth – to set mankind free!

Plan 13: No greater love

Plan Description: Sometimes it’s hard to love people – even the ones that are closest to us. We admittedly find it easier to love them than those whom we don’t really get along with. In Plan 13 we see Jesus’ love on full display when He chooses to be a servant and when He chooses to still love those who will betray Him. Are we willing to love others on this level?

Plan 14: It is all in Jesus

Plan Description: One Size Fits All? Does it really? How can we find all of life’s answers in ONE place, let alone ONE PERSON? In Plan 14 we see Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit ARE one. They do not override each other. They do not jostle and try to take each other’s place. Together they are EVERYTHING that we need in this life and beyond.

Plan 15: Why do they hate me?

Plan Description: There’s no doubt that we gravitate to the promises of God. The side we don’t like is the side of struggle when following Jesus. Walking and living for Jesus will bring both great and difficult times. Jesus warns us about these days and the way people will respond to us because of how they respond to Him. Take heart – Jesus hasn’t left us alone– we have the Holy Spirit!

Plan 16: It's in the name

Plan Description: People who have the backing of someone high in authority have a certain air in the way they walk and carry themselves. In Plan 16 we see the power there is in being connected to Jesus and Jesus being one with the Father. Being united with Jesus is being united with the Father – if only we truly harnessed that truth and allowed it to release power in our lives.

Plan 17: Abandoned - Really?

Plan Description: At one point in our lives, we've all experienced the feeling of being abandoned, left out or betrayed. When people close to us are the ones that inflict these feelings, it’s even harder to overcome. In Plan 17 we see Jesus betrayed by those closest to Him. The different ways in which Jesus and those who betrayed Him responded gives us insight into different ways in which we may respond.

Plan 18: Processing Death

Plan Description: There is a process for all things – there is even a process in death. In Part 18 we see Jesus’ process to His death – from being sentenced to being crucified and all that happened leading up to the painful process of dying. We also see people’s responses after Jesus is crucified and buried. Who do you identify with of those who saw everything happen?

Plan 19: He has risen!

Plan Description: What would your response be if you saw someone die, their death was confirmed, and then see them walking around the next week? Most of us would do a double take in disbelief.. In Plan 19 we see the resurrected Jesus appear to certain people before going home to the Father. Is seeing Jesus important to you? Is it a good thing to want this?