7 Facts God Wants You to Know

Good News! There is a way for you to move from guilty to not guilty, from death to life, from darkness to light, from hatred to love, from weakness to power, from bondage to freedom, from tribulation to triumph, from grief to joy, from gloom to glory, from defeat to victory, from fear to faith.  

Sound good?

That “way” is through the person and work of Jesus Christ.
There are seven facts that God wants you to know found in His Word.

Fact #1: God loves you with a sacrificial love.
John 3:16

Fact #2: You are a sinner and you are not alone.
Romans 3:23

Fact #3: The Scriptures say we are dead in our sin. Romans 6:23

Fact #4: Jesus Christ, God’s own son died for you because He loves you.
Romans 5:6-8

Fact #5: You can be saved from that which you have earned by faith in Jesus.
Acts 16:30-34

Fact #6: You can be saved and know for sure you have eternal life.
I John 5:10-13

Fact #7: Those who put their trust  in Jesus are children of the living God and as such should obey Him.
Acts 5:29-34

Pray now and ask for God’s forgiveness with a repentant heart for past sin. Ask Him to live within your heart and be your Savior and Lord and Guide.

It’s a fact…He will!

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